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Jul 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
. actually, look at all the poll numbers and the latest cnn poll numbers in those swing states, he seems to be doing pretty well. it's hard to say given the material they're working with that the campaign is doing a bad job. >> you know, once again, katty is right on the money. you came with your a game today. we appreciate that because i'm a complete dunce cap when it comes to this. i don't know much at all. but we're going to get to those polls. right now we're going to find out what mitt romney is doing in wolfboro, new hampshire, taking a break from the campaign frenzy, in the middle of his week-long vacation with the entire romney family, there in his family compound. garrett, it's kind of early to be out on lake winnipesaukee on the old jet ski. what's he doing? >> reporter: he's probably up and around. about 30 people out. about a third of the town is part of the romney family or part of the press corps who has gone to take an eye on him. >> we've seen pictures of the rochl ani -- romneys looking kennediesque. are they letting them take the photos? >> a little of both. you couldn'
Jul 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
don't need to raise taxes on anybody. i think he said that to harvey on cnn. that's a tougher -- it's a tougher pull for him. >> i wonder what bill clinton would think of what the president is proposing right now and perhaps it's a good idea -- >> i think he already said he's against it. >> say nice thing about bill clinton right now. talk about how much he loves bill clinton and then tell him to keep his mouth shut. michael steele. >> i think that's a fair point. i'm intrigued by the whole idea of this conversation to begin with. this invocation of bill clinton is nice, but what they fail to acknowledge is that what spurred that growth that they're talking about was not the tax rates that the top earners were paying, was the cut in capital gains that spurred those owners of industry and small businesses to go and invest in that economy that was being created and supported by welfare reform and the like. so you've got to look at the total package of what bill clinton did. he cut spending, working with newt gingrich in the republican house at the time, they cut the capital gains as t
Jul 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
things, one, two days ago, polls had -- cnn poll had romney up in battleground states. these are snapshots of minutes apparently. and secondly, you know, i think romney -- >> depends on the time of day. >> it does. >> where the sun hits the horizon. it's up to romney to go into these states where employment is better than the national average and say these are not because of the president's policies if they were you would make the natural conclusion unemployment would be down everywhere. it's a hard sell but that's what he is challenged to do in these states. >> in ohio, there's plenty of evidence that the president's policies with the auto bailout? particular had something to do with that. >> that's another huge problem for -- see, this is the problem. santorum may have been right. he's probably the worst candidate of the field, even though the best organized and probably the most capable probably the worst candidate of the field because when you go -- if you need to win michigan and ohio and pennsylvania in order to win the presidency, and he has to win ohio, he must
Jul 10, 2012 3:00am PDT
career change. first of all, what was it like to get out? >> well, i started the book while i was at cnn. i started "the explorers code" while i was at cnn. i gave it to an agent and it sold. then came the opportunity after 24 years to completely switch careers. i thought, i think i would like to do this. i would like to become a thriller writer. it seems like a dream come true, so i did it. >> how did the transition go? >> it was great. >> a reinvention really. >> a bit. i basically put myself on assignment to do the books. i go to the places in the books still, the way i always reported. so the stolen chalice has edinborough, scotland and venice. it's a nicer way to do assignments. >> you got to enjoy yourself. >> eat the food. it's great. then i do all the traveling and write it in the book which is great. >> that's fantastic. tell us about the book. >> it's a romantic thriller. as a reporter, you run through an airport and grab a paperback off the rack. so you grab either a thriller or a romance. many years of being a news reporter i either had to pick oh a thriller or a romance and
Jul 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
two-min ad. i want to finish this. yesterday on cnn you popped another one. you said that there are questions -- candy crowley said, some of the accusations you're making about some of mitt romney's companies, the companies that bain invested in, took place after mitt romney actually left bain capital and you said that's not so clear. >> i'm not sure. >> it's not. >> he left bain capital in february 2009, also on a financial disclosure that he signed and if he actually is doing what you were saying he's doing, be which is being misleading, and is actually punishable under federal criminal law. are you suggesting that mitt romney is guilty of some kind of felony here? >> dan, what i'm suggesting is, nobody has any idea because the only person with the tax returns is mitt romney. now, let me go through -- >> you're responding to information he released. he released those tax returns. that's what you're responding to. >> i've watched the dan senor infomercial and i would like to be and bring truth into this discussion. let's understand that the day before m
Jul 17, 2012 3:00am PDT
himself came out, which cnn doesn't usually do that, this is blatantly false, mitt romney was called at the last second to try to save the olympics being held in the united states of america, he left very quickly and he thought he might come back but he just never came back. >> maybe give the money back. >> what do you make of that retroactively retired argument? >> i'd like to retroactively retire. but, you know, i think that, joe, i understand what wolf said the other day but let's remember these reports aren't coming from us. they're coming from the press. the press is the place where this stuff is getting reported. we might highlight it but the press is reporting this information about mitt romney's involvement with bain. but again, i find this whole discussion about when exactly he left bain to be ironic. there's plenty to talk about the years he was at bain and when he was at the olympics. he shared in the profits, continues to share in the profits, took down a salary, invested in companies before he left bain and made -- invested in the companies, that "the washington post" ca
Jul 27, 2012 3:00am PDT
on the international plane that he keeps here. mitt romney also spoke to cnn's pierce morgan yesterday and accused the president of trying to divide the country. >> there are people who are trying to attack success and are trying to attack our success. that's not going to be successful. when you attack success you have less of it and that's what we've seen in our economy over the last three years. dividing america based on who has money and who hasn't, who is successful and who is less successful that is not the american way. we're an achievement, celebrating oriented nation. that's what's lifted us. it will continue to do so. the attacks that come by people trying to knock down my business career or olympic experience or our success those attacks will not be successful. people want more success. they don't want less success. >> um, okay. let me just -- howard dean, people want more success, i think what they also want is to feel like they can be successful and they don't right now. >> here's what the republicans are trying to do. they got a business guy with a lot of money and engaged in some bus
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)